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Rear seat delete kit V2 - Double strut bar with net for Ford Mustang GT Gen. 6


Double strut bar, net. There is no carpet included in this product. 

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The Stern Performance Parts rear seat delete fullkit V2 replaces the rear seat with 2 struts with a net. This product does not contain a carpet. 

This is particularly suitable for motorsport enthusiasts who expand their rear seats for the race track.
The resulting weight saving improves performance and gives the vehicle a sporty OEM look.

The rear seat delete kit V2 is a completely newly developed system from Stern Performance Parts which the motorsport world has never seen before. It consists of a combination of 2 struts, a net and turns your car into a real eye-catcher.

Quality & Manufacturing
All products are handcrafted to the highest quality standard by experienced tailors and saddlers in Germany.
Stern Performance Parts has high quality standards and attaches great importance to product quality and clean processing.
The products therefore undergo strict quality control and we attach great importance to implementing all customer requests.

Installation instructions
The rear seat delete kit is plug & play and can be assembled within minutes using the supplied parts.

To attach the struts, we supply suitable brackets with a threaded pin so that you can screw this into the thread on the vehicle.
The strut is then placed on the bracket and secured with a counter plate, bolt, nut and washer and holds tight.

The net is stretched between the two struts. At the top, the net is attached to the strut with the help of screws and at the bottom a long loop is placed around the strut and pulled through a regulator at the bottom, with which the net can be evenly tightened.

The strut is made of either aluminum or carbon for an additional charge. You can choose the color of the aluminum strut or have it powder coated in other RAL shades. The net consists of high-quality belt material and is available in several colours. We can also work contrasting seams into the mesh at no extra charge. 

Scope of delivery
- 2x rear seat delete strut bars
- 1x rear seat delete net
- 1x fastening material (aluminum plates, screws, washers and nuts)

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