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Rear seat delete carpet for Audi TT / TTS / TTRS 8S


Custom-fit rear seat delete clubsport carpet!

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For the area created by expanding the rear seat bench, we also offer a custom-fit rear seat delete clubsport carpet that is made by hand.

The rear seat delete clubsport carpet will cover the area of ​​the back seat and the trunk.
Cutouts for any protruding parts such as the seat holder are always incorporated unless otherwise specified and are edged with synthetic leather.

The clubsport carpet has a high-quality velor surface. In addition, the edge is edged with black synthetic leather with a nubuck leather look.
The edges has always black stitching but you can also choose a colour of your choice.

The bottom of the Clubsport carpet is made of structured rubber and gives the carpet a firm hold on the vehicle. Slipping is no longer possible.

Our clubsport carpet has the following special features:

- Excellent fit
- Velor in manufacturer quality
- Noise insulation through a special underside
- Edging in artificial leather with decorative stitching
- Low weight
- 100% handcraft made in Germany

Manufacturing time:

4-6 weeks

Please indicate as a message in the last order section whether your vehicle is a 3 or 5 door and whether the vehicle is an all-wheel drive model such as Quattro or 4Motion.

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