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Rear seat delete kit for Audi TT / TTS / TTRS 8S


Attention, this items needs to be manufactured!
Manufacturing time: around 4-6 weeks

Version / color of the bar
Color of the net
Color of the seams
Tax included


Security policy


Delivery policy


Manufacturing time: approx. 2-4 weeks
Due to the high volume of orders and the current situation, the production time can in some cases be up to 8 weeks.

Stern Performance Parts are made for motorsport enthusiasts who remove their back seats for the racetrack.
The rear seat bench will be removed and replaced by a strut bar, net and carpet and causes a weight reduction
that improves your performance and gives the car a sporty and clean OEM look.

All products are handcrafted to the highest quality standards by our tailors at our location in Kaltenkirchen, Germany.
We have high quality standards and therefore we put great value on quality and workmanship in our entire product range.

What does a rear seat delete kit do?
The idea of removing/deleting the rear seat bench is to save weight and increase the performance on the racetrack. In addition to performce factor, the whole kit is a rear-catcher.
To install the kit, the rear seat bench needs to be removed completely. The removing of the rear seat bench can be done in a few minutes. Instructions are included in the parcel.
Depending on the vehicle and the material of the rear seat bench, you can save up to 25 kg.

How to install
The installation of the rear seat delete kit and is very easy and simple. The kit is plug and play and can be installed within a few minutes. At first you lay down the carpet in the car.
The strut bar will be sticked into the hatrack slot in the back of the car.  The net is attached to the trunk eyelets with hooks.

Configuration options / extras
The strut bars are made out of aluminium and are powder-coated in the colour of your choice. For an upcharge of 40,00 € we also offer full carbon strut bars.
Also the net is also available in several colours. Optionally we can do contrast stitching in the net. Therefore please leave a comment in the comment section.
The carpet is also part of the fullkit and you can also choosse a contrast stitching. The seam color is black as standard.

On request we can also powder coat the strut bar in the RAL colour of your choice. Just leave a message in the comment section.
In case your requested color is no RAL color, please contact us before ordering so we can check the options we have.

Product quality
All products, such as strut bars, nets and carpets have been specially developed for your vehicle and we guarantee a 100 % accuracy of fit.

The strut bars are made out of aluminium tubes and we powder coat the bars in-house. The nets are tailored by our well experienced tailors who put attention to clean and straight seams.

Scope of delivery:
- rear seat delete strut bar
- rear seat delete net
The rear seat delete carpet is not part of this kit.

How we deal with custom-made products (strut bars, nets, carpets)
Please note that the products are manufactured on customer request and are therefore custom-made.
For this reason we cannot accept cancellations, order changes or returns. We cannot make any exceptions.

We expressly point out that the net does not replace the rear seat bench in the interests of safety.
Heavy objects do not always have to be transported in the trunk, as there is a risk of the load flying over, under or even through the net.

Legal information (vehicle registration & taxes)
The legal conditions regarding the entry in the vehicle documents vary in each country. 
We recommend that you inform yourself about the legal conditions in your country before purchasing the kit.

If your delivery address is within the European Union, we automatically charge the current 19% german sales tax.
If your delivery address is outside of the European Union, we do not charge the german 19% sales tax, but please note that taxes may apply when importing our products.

We ship our products internationally. The online shop automatically calculates the shipping cost and shows this at the end of the ordering process.
Please note that therefore you need to have inserted a valid delivery address. Otherweise the shop won't let you finish the process.

Authorized dealers
If you're a dealer and would like to be an authorized dealer, we would like you to send us an email to sales@sternperformance.de to discuss about conditions.

In case you are a customer and have bought our products from an autorized dealer, we ask you to contact the dealer directly for specific information, such like order status, product complaints etc.
If the problem cannot be solved, we may ask you to send us an email with your full details, such as delivery address, product configuration and explanation about the problem.

If you are a motorsport enthusiast and you have a many followers on social media, please contact us for a sponsorship contract or for an individual offer.

Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email to sales@sternperformance.de
Please allow us about 24 hours for a reply due to the high amount of messages we receive.

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