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Rear seat delete kit for Audi A3 / S3 / RS3 8V


Attention, this items needs to be manufactured!
Manufacturing time: around 4-6 weeks

Version / color of the bar
Color of the net
Color of the seams
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All products from Stern Performance Parts are handcraftet to the highest quality standards at our location in Kaltenkirchen, Germany.

The rear seat delete kit is plug & play and replaces the rear seat bench with a strut and a net, which is attached using a bracket.
The kit including the carpet (which is an extra) weights about 5 kg.

This serves the purpose of weight reduction (25 kg) and is a real eye-catcher. The performance improvement is particularly noticeable due to the low weight of the vehicle. Of course, the set has been specially developed for your vehicle and we guarantee a 100 % accuracy of fit.

Strut bar:
The strut bar is will be mounted on both rear seat holders and the net will be attached with "net-loops" and shift regulators. (You can see it on the product pictures)
You can either choose a powder coated aluminium strut bar in the colour of your choice or for an upcharge of 40,00 € a full carbon strut bar.

The colour of the net can be selected in the drop down menu. The seam colour can be written down in the order comments.
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Scope of delivery:
- Rear seat delete strut bar
- Rear seat delete net (colour & stitching of your choice)
- Assembly parts (bottom metal plate, 2 screws, 2 washers)

Please also write down in the order comments whether your vehicle has 3 or 5 doors.

Manufacturing time: about 3-4 weeks regulary
Due to the high volume of orders, the production time can be up to 6 weeks in exceptional cases.

Shipping in the COVID-19 pandemic
Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, packages abroad, especially to the USA will take much longer than usual.
The reason for that are global DHL reulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stern Performance Parts has no influence on packages and their delays and when packages take longer than usual we can not refund orders that have already been shipped. 

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