Opel Corsa D Clubsport kit with bar and net


Clubsport kit for the Opel Corsa D.

Clubsport bar, clubsport net

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Make your car to an unique one and personalize it with our Clubsport set, consisting of a bar and a net with colors of your choice.
You have the option of creating your desired configuration in the drop-down menu.

The Clubsport set was developed specifically for this car and is attached to the side trim.
You therefore do not have to drill holes in your bodywork. The assembly, as well as the disassembly is very simple.

Configure your Clubsport set by selecting the color of the strut, the net, and the seams.

1 Clubsport bar
1 Clubsport net
1 Clubsport net attachment
1 Clubsport attachment clip

Delivery time:
Since the clubsport sets are crafted by hand, we require 2-4 weeks of production time.

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